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See the country in comfort

Personalised rates from 5.35%¹
(comparison rate 6.14%)²

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We know buying a motorhome is expensive

That's why we're here to help you find the one that's right for you, so you can travel the country like never before.

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A loan to buy a motorhome now could help you finance years of affordable family holidays or find freedom in retirement.

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You could have your funds within a couple of days without the need for any awkward face-to-face meetings.

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Our loans are unsecured so there's no need to put your new motorhome, or any other asset, on the line.

What our customers say

5.0 It is a very easy process to apply. Have already some of my friends about Harmony. Very precise and no nonsense application process. australia
5.0 Products are simple, easy and contracts quick and effortless, happy with overall experience in dealing with Harmoney - Superb! australia
5.0 Simple and easy as usual. Thank you Harmoney team. australia
5.0 I am very grateful to you for approving my loan as my own bank would not give me anything, cheers. australia
5.0 This experience has been a pleasure. The rate is a little high but for unsecured loan it’s reasonable. I’m so pleased with this experience and quick response australia
5.0 It has been a very easy process. The terms of the loan are very easy to follow australia
5.0 Harmoney has provided the most stress-free and informative loan facts, statistics and data I have ever interacted with. I would definitely recommend Harmoney :) australia
5.0 Quick and easy to understand, very quick reply from Harmony Team australia
5.0 The best experience I've ever gad with a loan company. So simple and easy. You guys are a life saver. australia
5.0 The Loan process australia
5.0 Fantastic, website portal was user friendly and was a added bonus that harmony could access my bank statements and work out my expenses.
Not stressful at all.
5.0 Harmoney got information of my assets, liabilities, my historical financial stability in addition to taking into consideration a short term financial situation. In comparison to other lenders that take a quick financial snap shot which isn’t an accurate reflection of long term financial behaviours. australia
5.0 Great experience with harmoney will definitely recommend it to others australia
5.0 I've used Harmoney in the past and have been very pleased with how fast and easy it is to apply online australia
5.0 So Far Dealing with Harmoney has been a good experience australia
5.0 Hassle free consolidation loan. Thanks to the Harmoney team. australia
5.0 Harmoney have been very helpful. I will be using them in the future. australia
5.0 Loans based on customer repayment history as opposed to the big banks that seem to overcomplicate everything. Extremely competitive rate! australia
5.0 I went through now finance first and they were horrible so ended it and you guys have been a dream australia
5.0 Harmony is so easy to deal with. australia
5.0 Very simple process! Thank you Harmoney. australia
5.0 The ease of applying for the loan and relief knowing I can consolidate all my debts into one easy payment australia
5.0 Loan interest dropped down 2 % on my top up loan. Easy to apply when in need. australia
5.0 Very good never have any problems with harmony they are great.. WA, Australia
5.0 Harmoney went above and beyond to ensure my loan was approved australia
5.0 Great service and very friendly people when you ring for advice.
Would recommend Harmoney to friends.
Thank you
5.0 Application of loan was quick and easy australia
5.0 Easy process and quick results. Thank you Harmony Team. australia
5.0 Harmony makes this process so simple
Could not be happier
5.0 Fast and efficient and no drama from start to finish. Appreciate you helping me getting my finances in order ready to start 2022 with one simple repayment. Thanks. australia
5.0 Harmoney loan process from start to finish was seamless and clear. Very quick, online app is easy to manage. australia
5.0 I tried to do this with my own bank. Seriously useless…. And it’s paying off their overdraft. You make it easy as. My second loan with you and I couldn’t be happier with how it works. Well done on a great system. australia
5.0 There were a few delays with the system problems but I’m more than happy to stick with Harmoney australia
5.0 Fantastic service! Harmoney has never let us down and so quick and easy to deal with. australia
5.0 Very helpful and fast loan approval australia
5.0 No stress and one of the best in class service I have used so far. This is my second loan of 50grant. Both loan applications done online and approved in minutes. Who can do better than Harmony - I need to convinced is there is anyone else! Well done guys - yove won a lifetime customer! Thanks alot. australia
5.0 It.was easy to apply and get the loan approved. It was hassle free.team is helpful. I appreciate and i recommend people going through hardship and need money Asap australia
5.0 Harmony loan are the best and easy to apply australia
5.0 Harmoney are always fast and easy to deal with australia
5.0 I found the ease of consolidation through gaining my credit score and interest rate in relation to that score an insightful and stress free experience with harmony , I feel they have helped myself into a posityof financial security. australia
5.0 Harmoney has helped me where others wouldnt because I have no credit history. I would highly recommend Harmoney to anyone. australia
5.0 Harmoney was very easy to deal with the the application process very straight forward australia
5.0 Applied for a loan to consolidate got approved very quickly . Good service australia
5.0 Simple, clear and efficient loan application australia
5.0 Quick and effective will definitely use Harmony in future australia
5.0 The loan process was very easy to follow and when I needed help it was always there for me. australia
5.0 Harmoney is the best product for all loan types. Seamless, fficient, fast service. Your service is way better, if not the best among others. The customer service is just amazing. I thought I would never find a perfect institution like yours but I just did! Thank you so much. All the best to you all! australia
5.0 Everything is so quick and easy with Harmoney ! The comms are great too. Staff are knowledgeable and lovely to speak too as well. australia
5.0 Quick and easy. That is my kind of loan application! australia
5.0 It's easy and fast to complete the loan application. australia
5.0 Easy, quick, pain free and an overall great experience with Harmoney. Thank you australia
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5.0 I just love Harmoney. Never a hassle. Friendly staff. Super helpful. Thank you for being amazing in every area. australia
5.0 Brilliant service from the team at Harmoney. The whole process from start to finish was stress free. Definitely will be recommending their services to family and friends. I look forward to engaging with them in the future.. australia
5.0 Quick and easy loan super helpful australia
5.0 Applying for my loan for urgent medical purposes was extremely easy australia
5.0 This is going to change my life. Thank you Harmoney australia
5.0 Super quick, easy process! Loan approved within 3 hours business time! Super happy australia
5.0 This was the fastest and simplest loan I’ve ever had. We’ll done australia
5.0 Its unreal, i cant believed how fast and efficient the service, i was hesitant at first as i hate the hassles of applying in the banks but Harmoney is great. Definitely will stay with u from now on. Thank you australia
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5.0 Amazing, so quick, so easy! Great to deal with, thank you Harmoney. australia
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5.0 Love Harmoney. So easy and reliable australia
5.0 It has been a pleasure to deal with Harmoney have they make it very easy and stress free to obtain the loan I am looking for
Thanks heaps Harmoney and I look forward to being with you for years to come
5.0 As long as the money is received in my account, as I have only done the approval, I am more than happy with Harmoney australia
5.0 Harmoney is the best and easiest way to get a small loan when you need it. Thank you australia
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5.0 First of all, Thankyou so much for helping me out with the personal loan australia
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5.0 Harmoney, my heartfelt thanks for approving my top-up loan to help consolidate my debts. My financial hardship throughout the pandemic will become a little easier due to your compassionate response to my application. I will definitely recommend your services to family & friends if the situation arises. australia
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5.0 Harmoney is so easy to apply and you deside on when it comes out weekly tonight month I l i k's that thanks for helping me out again in time of need.. australia
5.0 I am so thankful to Harmoney youse are awesome thnx australia
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5.0 Harmoney are the best, i will recommend it to everyone whos struggling out there, they gave me a chance when no ones will,

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you to all Harmoney Staff
5.0 Harmoney has been a great help to me in achieving my goals, they are very professional and helpful with clear and fair terms and great products. Many thanks to the harmoney team. australia
5.0 Absolutely amazing experience overall! The end to end loan application and approval process was seamless and super quick! australia

Simple, 100% online

1. Get to know you

Tell us about your loan, then provide us with some details about yourself and your finances.

2. Get your loan offer

We provide your detailed loan terms with your interest rate, borrowing limit and repayments.

3. Get your money

Accept your loan terms and provide some final details. Most people get their money within 24 hours.

What we offer

$2K - $70K

Loan limits
3 or 5 years

Loan terms
$275 or $575

Establishment fee

Early repayment fee
  • All loans are unsecured
  • Rates from 5.35%¹ (comparison rate 6.14%²)
  • Your rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • Establishment fee of $275 for loans under $5,000 ³
  • Establishment fee of $575 for loans $5,000and over ³
  • No monthly account keeping or early repayment fees
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Find out more about our rates and fees

Get the motorhome loan that's right for you

And start planning the first epic holiday in your new "home"

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Our application is 100% online, so like bank branches, paperwork is a thing of the past.

Repayments icon

We offer an interest rate based on your financial circumstances. The better your credit history, the lower your interest rate¹


Personalised rates icon

Most loans are deposited within 24 hours of you accepting your loan terms¹


Quick motorhome loan estimate

Use our personal loan calculator to get a quick estimate of repayments and interest rate.

Common motorhome loan questions

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What type of vehicle can a car loan be used for?

You can apply for a loan to purchase any type of vehicle, including a motorhome, off-road vehicle, motorcycle or electric bike, as long as the purchase itself is legal.

Do I need to have a deposit before I apply?

No, you can apply to borrow the full amount you need to purchase the vehicle, as well as any related costs such as on-road costs or insurance, if you wish.

We recommend that you only borrow what you need, as if you’ve managed to save some money toward the cost of purchasing a car or vehicle, this could mean you need to borrow less. And the less you borrow, the sooner you can pay off the loan and the less interest you’ll need to pay.

Will I need to put up my property or vehicle as security?

No. All Harmoney loans – including our home improvement loans – are unsecured, so you won’t need to put up collateral for your loan.

Can I use the loan to buy a car or vehicle privately?

Yes. You can use your personal loan to purchase a car or just about any type of vehicle privately, be that at a car fair, online car dealer, auction site or even a build-your-own kit set car. How you achieve your goal of acquiring the vehicle is up to you, so as long as it’s legal.

Can anyone apply for a car or vehicle loan?

In Australia - to apply for a Harmoney loan you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen

  • Be full-time or permanent part-time employed

  • Have photo ID documents such as an Australian driver’s licence or passport available

  • Not have any defaults, judgements or bankruptcies on your credit file

  • Require a minimum $2,000 loan

In New Zealand - to apply for a Harmoney loan you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Be earning a stable income

The process of applying for a car loan with Harmoney is the same as for most other types of loans and can be completed 100% online.

Can I include on-road costs and insurance in my car loan application?

Yes, you can include all costs related to purchasing your new (or used) vehicle.

Apply today

Apply for your motorhome loan today and get ready to hit the road.

Types of personal loans

Personalised rates icon

An education loan can help take the worry out of finances so students can focus on their studies.

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Car icon

With a car or vehicle loan sorted, you can have cash-buyer confidence to negotiate a deal on your next car or vehicle purchase.

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Holiday icon

Need a break? A holiday loan you can cover car rental, flights, accommodation, and more, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

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Debt con icon

Simplify debt by rolling multiple debts into one debt. One debt is easier to manage, and you may end up with a lower overall interest rate.

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Business icon

Take you business to the next level with a Harmoney business loan.

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Renovation icon

Need more space? Could the house use a fresh lick of paint? Time to get the landscaping done?

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Medical icon

A medical expenses loan can cover medical procedures and related costs so you can focus on being healthy, happy and well.

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Wedding icon

Have the wedding day you always imagined with the help of a wedding loan.

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We're real people and here if you need us

If you need help, just give us a call on 1300 042 766 or jump on to online chat and one of our more than 30 specialists will be there to lend a hand.

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