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Start your dream holiday.

Personalised rates from 5.35%¹
(comparison rate 6.14%)²

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Take the hassle out of travel with a holiday loan

There’s enough to worry about when you’re going away. A travel expenses loan could help with the money worries.

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Get your holiday loan approved before you start booking your trip to take advantage of promotions and discounts.

Repayments icon v9

You choose the loan term so you can enjoy your holiday knowing how much your repayments are.

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All our personal loans are unsecured. This means you don’t need to put down a high-value asset as security for the loan.

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Simple, 100% online

Step 1. Get to know you

Tell us how much you want to borrow for travel expenses then share documents like your identity and financial details.

Step 3. Get your money

If you’re happy with your terms, we’ll need a few last details and you’ll normally get your money within 24 hours.

Step 2. Get your loan terms

We’ll give you a travel loan terms including your interest rate, loan limit, and regular repayment amounts.

What we offer

$2K - $70K

Loan limits
3, 5 or 7 years

Loan terms
$275 or $575

Establishment fee

Early repayment fee
  • All loans are unsecured
  • Rates from 5.35%¹ (comparison rate 6.14%²)
  • Your rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • Establishment fee of $275 for loans under $5,000 ³
  • Establishment fee of $575 for loans $5,000and over ³
  • No monthly account keeping or early repayment fees
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Find out more about our rates and fees

Quick holiday loan estimate

How much do you need for your trip? Use our loan calculator to see what rate and repayments you can expect.

Common holiday and travel loan questions

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Can anyone apply for a holiday loan?

To apply for a travel loan in Australia, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen

  • Have full-time or permanent part-time employment

  • Have photo ID documents available, e.g. your passport or Australian driver’s licence

  • Not have defaults, judgments or bankruptcies recorded on your credit report

  • Be borrowing at least $2,000

To apply for a travel loan in New Zealand, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Have a stable income

Applying for a travel expenses loan is no different from most types of personal loans on Harmoney, and the process is fully online.

What expenses can a holiday loan cover?

A holiday loan can pay for as much of your trip as you need it to, up to your borrowing limit. This can include flights, accommodation, tours, food and drink, accessories, travel insurance and, of course, spending money. Let us know how much you need for your loan when you apply.

Can I start repaying my loan after my holiday?

You’re required to start making regular repayments on your travel loan right away, so this can’t be delayed until after your holiday. But you can choose the repayment schedule that best suits you - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Can I cancel my loan if my holiday is cancelled?

Harmoney loans can be cancelled within a “cooling-off” period of 7 days of the loan starting. You must notify us that you want to cancel and pay back your borrowed amount in full. We’ll refund your establishment fee if you’re still in the cooling-off period.

If it’s been longer than 7 days since your loan was started, you can choose to make an early repayment and pay back your remaining balance in full (including any interest owing at that time). We won’t charge for early loan repayment, but we can’t refund any fees or interest.

What if I need to borrow more?

If you ended up spending more on your trip than you’d planned, you may be eligible for a Harmoney loan top-up to consolidate debt if you’ve been making repayments on your current loan for at least 6 months and you have good credit.

Can I pay back my loan early?

Yes. We encourage borrowers to get out of debt sooner by not charging any fees for early loan repayment. Some people who borrow money to book flights and other expenses in advance start paying back their loan before their holiday even starts so they can enjoy their travels with less debt.

Jet off sooner with a holiday loan

You don’t have to miss the trip of a lifetime if you don’t have the savings.

100 online icon v14
100% ONLINE – 24/7

Your online loan application can be completed in minutes.

Money fast icon v14

We won’t charge a fee if you want to pay back your travel loan earlier.

Personalised rates icon v25

We’ll automatically calculate your personal interest rate based on your credit profile.

About holiday loans

A travel expenses loan is there to help if you need some quick cash to book flights, accommodation or other costs related to your trip, so you don’t have to wait until you’ve built up enough savings and possibly miss your chance to travel.

There are different types of holiday loans to choose from. It’s important to know your options so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

Unsecured holiday loan

An unsecured loan doesn’t use an asset (such as a car or property) as security for the loan. This means that you won’t risk losing the asset if you have trouble making your repayments, but you’ll still have to pay charges.

All travel loans on Harmoney are unsecured, to give our borrowers peace of mind.

Secured holiday loan

With a secured loan, you need to put forward a valuable asset as security for the loan. If it turns out that you can’t pay your loan (defaulting), the loan provider can sell this asset at auction so they can recover some or all of their money.

Harmoney does not offer secured loans.

Holiday package loans

Some travel agents offer holiday loans if you book your trip with them, which may include benefits such as discounted insurance or deferred payments. On the downside, the loan terms may be less favourable than a personal loan and you’ll be tied to one travel company for flights, accommodation and other bookings, which could be more expensive than booking these services separately.

Fixed or variable interest

One of the most important points to compare on loans is the interest rate, including whether the term is fixed or variable. A fixed rate will remain the same all through your loan term, making it easier to budget and protecting you from financial shocks, while a variable rate can rise or fall depending on the state of the economy.

All Harmoney loans have a fixed rate, so you can rest easy knowing what your monthly repayments will be. Find out more about our interest rates and fees.

Ready to plan your trip?

Apply for a holiday loan online and you’ll be flying in no time.

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