Welcome to Harmoney

Australasia's Leading Marketplace Lender.

What is Harmoney?

Harmoney is Australasia's leading marketplace lending website.

Marketplace lending is a more efficient way to borrow and invest. Investors fund loans to Borrowers without the need for a Financial Intermediary, so everyone gets a better deal.

How does it work?


Step 1:

A Borrower applies for a personal loan with Harmoney. Once this loan is approved, they list it in our Marketplace.

How it Works

Step 2:

Multiple Investors fund the loan in small amounts until it's fully funded.


Step 3:

The Borrower then repays the Investors over the next 3-5 years through Harmoney.

10 Ways to a better credit rate

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Download "10 ways to a better credit rate" and learn how you could improve your credit record by managing your loan well.

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Who are we?

Harmoney is Australia’s newest marketplace lending website, matching people who want to borrow money with people who want to invest. After operating in New Zealand for more than a year, we’ve brought our popular platform over to Australia.

Marketplace lending has been a trusted way to borrow and invest money for over 10 years in the UK and USA, and now it’s our turn. Watch the video below to hear from our Borrowers and Investors in New Zealand as to why they chose Harmoney.

Why borrow through Harmoney?


100% online application.

It’s easy to apply online with no obligation to proceed. 95% of loans on our Marketplace are funded within 24 hours.


Rates from 6.99% p.a. to 29.99% p.a.

(Comparison Rate 7.69% p.a. to 31.95% p.a.)* You're unique, and so is your interest rate. We'll customise your loan to fit your circumstances, not everyone else's.


Up to $70,000, unsecured.

No ball and chain, just easy repayments you can afford. We don't have any hidden fees or early repayment charges either.

Why invest through Harmoney?

Investor 1

Attractive returns.

Consumer credit generally outperforms typical investments. That's why most of our investors enjoy returns of around 11% p.a. on average.

Investor 2

Diverse Assets.

Because your investment is spread across hundreds of different creditworthy Borrowers and different asset classes, it's easy to diversify your portfolio.

Investor 3

Professional Investors.

Harmoney is currently accepting "Sophisticated Investors", who can invest a minimum of $2,000,000.

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