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Harmoney comes 4th in Top 10 2021 AFR Most Innovative Awards

We've been recognised as one of the Most Innovative Companies in Australia by the Australian Financial Review (AFR). Harmoney’s Libra real-time credit scoring technology secured Harmoney 4th position in the prestigious2021 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Awards in the banking, super & financial firms category.

Our purpose is to help and inspire people to achieve their goals through financial products that are friendly, fair, and simple to use

Since our beginnings in 2014, Harmoney has sought to transform the way people borrow and lend money. We’ve created Australasia's largest personal loan marketplace, having facilitated over $2.1 billion in loans to over 50,000 customers on both sides of the Tasman, giving people more choice and options. Along the way we’ve created over 100 jobs, and created a purpose‑driven culture focusing on helping people do better through technology, big data, and responsible lending.

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Board of directors

Paul Lahiff
Paul Lahiff - Independent Chairman

Paul is a highly seasoned executive following 40 years experience in financial services, encompassing a broad portfolio of Directorships.

David Stevens
David Stevens - Chief Executive Officer

David is a highly experienced chief executive officer specialising in the non-bank consumer and commercial finance sectors within Australia and New Zealand.

Tracy Jones
Tracey Jones – Independent Director

Tracey is a professional director and family office adviser. She currently has a portfolio of governance roles in the commercial, not for profit and charitable sectors.

Neil Roberts v2
Neil Roberts — Chief Product Officer

Neil founded Harmoney, led the business as chief executive officer over six years driving the capital path, and building culture systems and processes that are intrinsic to Harmoney’s success.

Independent research reports on Harmoney Corp. Limited (HMY)

29 October 2021
MST Access — Initiation Report download pdf

20 October 2021
Ord Minettcoming soon

20 October 2021
Jarden— coming soon

Watch our inaugural Investor Day 2021

Download the presentations slides from the ASX website.

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Consumer direct partner case studies

Google: From leads to personal loans

How smart bidding helped Australasia's Harmoney find and convert its best customers

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Google: Customer lifetime value

How Harmoney found a smarter way to surface lifetime value using machine learning

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Google: Reaching investor maturity

Digital Marketing Maturity Australia & New Zealand: Results teaser presentation from Harmoney

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Microsoft: Harmoney's data integrations

Learn how Harmoney used LinkedIn to increase loan originations

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Press releases

Corporate governance

29 November 2021
Harmoney Results of Annual Meeting 2021 download pdf

29 November 2021
Harmoney Annual Meeting Presentation 2021 download pdf

19 October 2021
Harmoney Notice of annual meeting of shareholders 2021 download pdf

19 October 2021
Harmoney Notice of Annual Report 2021 download pdf

31 August 2021

Harmoney Annual Report 2021 download pdf

23 November 2020
Harmoney Annual Report 2020 download pdf

23 November 2020
Harmoney Prospectus download pdf

26 May 2021
Long Term Incentive Plan Rules download pdf

30 October 2020
Board Charter download pdf

30 October 2020
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter download pdf

30 October 2020
Diversity Policy download pdf

30 October 2020
Code of Conduct download pdf

31 August 2021
Corporate Governance Statement download pdf

30 October 2020
Whistleblower Policy download pdf

30 October 2020
Disclosure and Communication Policy download pdf

30 October 2020
Disclosure and Materiality Guidelines download pdf

30 October 2020
Audit and Risk Committee Charter download pdf

11 May 2021
Trading Policy
download pdf

30 October 2020
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
download pdf

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