Get cash-buyer confidence with Harmoney.

Get cash-buyer confidence with Harmoney

  • Fast, easy & 100% online
  • Rates from 6.99% p.a. – 26.95% p.a. (comparison rate 7.69% p.a. – 28.21% p.a. *)

*Click here to see important information about comparison rates, terms & conditions.

Subject to funding. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

Excellent service and quick and I recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much to the staff at Harmoney.

Martin W, NSW. Aug 24, 2017
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*Subject to approval and funding. Harmoney’s interest rates range from 5.95% p.a. to 26.95% p.a. and are offered based on the individual borrower’s credit assessment according to Harmoney’s credit scorecard. In order to be approved and submit your loan you must meet Harmoney’s credit criteria and responsible lending requirements. Establishment fee of $500 applies. Some charges may apply — see Rates and Fees for details.

WARNING: This comparison rate applies only to the example or examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs, fees, government charges like stamp duty and cost savings are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

What is Harmoney?

Harmoney is Australasia's leading marketplace lending website, where people who want to borrow money for a car can deal directly with people who want to invest. With no need for middlemen, everyone gets a better deal.

How does it work?


Step 1:

When a Borrower is approved for a car loan by Harmoney, their loan is listed in the Marketplace.

How it Works

Step 2:

Multiple Investors can choose to fund the car loan until the loan is fully funded.


Step 3:

The Borrower then repays the car loan to their Investors via Harmoney over the next 3-5 years.

Why get your car loan through Harmoney?


100% online application.

Found the perfect car and don't want to wait? Our 100% online application is quick and simple, and 95% of car loans are funded within 24 hours*.


Personalised rates.

The interest rate that you pay on your car loan in tailored to your circumstances, not everyone else's.


Borrow $5K to $70K, unsecured on 36 or 60 month terms.

You don’t have to list that new car as collateral. All loans through our marketplace are unsecured, so there's no ball and chain.

How much do you need?

Our interest rates for car loans range from 5.95% p.a. to 26.95% p.a. (6.64% p.a. to 28.21% p.a. comparison rate)*, with each rate being customised to each Borrower’s individual circumstances. Because all loans through Harmoney are unsecured, you don’t have to use your car or home as security. Read more about our interest rates and fees.

Who are we?

At Harmoney, we connect people who want to borrow money with people who want to invest in loans. Whether you’re looking for a car loan, or you want to invest in a loan our marketplace is a simpler way to apply for finance online.

Learn more about Harmoney

Harmoney is Australia's newest marketplace lending marketplace that connects people who want to borrow money with those who wish to lend money. Our marketplace provides a simple way to get a personal loan, online.

Car Loan FAQs

How much should I borrow for a new car?

There are a few things you need to think about when deciding on the amount you want to borrow for a car loan. You might be able to factor in the sale price of your existing car, or contribute some savings, but in the end it will come down to what kind of car you’re planning to buy, and Harmoney’s credit assessment.

A newer car will usually have a higher up front cost, but it can often be cheaper in the long run. Newer cars are normally safer and more reliable than older cars, so you’ll avoid costly mechanic bills and use less fuel.

A car loan funded by Investors on Harmoney’s marketplace could help you fund the up front cost of buying the car, and the confidence to negotiate a great price.

How do I get a car loan through Harmoney?

Our application process is 100% online, and you can have a result in minutes. During this process, you’ll need to provide valid ID and recent bank statements. Harmoney will conduct a credit assessment and if your application is successful, you’ll be told how much you can borrow and what interest rate will apply to you. If you’re just looking for a quote, there’s no obligation to move forward, and approvals are valid for up to 60 days.

If you decide to go ahead with the loan, you’ll be asked to share your story with potential Investors. Many of our Investors take serious consideration of the Borrower’s loan story when deciding whether to contribute to the loan – whether your new car is for a growing family or to help you get to work – telling Investors why you need the loan could mean it gets funded faster.

What are Harmoney’s loan terms?

Harmoney offers car loans from $5,000 to $70,000, on 36 or 60 month terms. Interest rates are fixed for the term of your loan, and range from 5.95% p.a. to 26.95% p.a. (6.64% p.a. to 28.21% p.a. comparison rate)*. Loan repayments are made on a monthly basis. While there are minimum monthly repayments to make, there are no penalties if you decide to pay out your loan early.

As there’s no obligation to go ahead with any quote we provide, you can work out before you start whether a loan through Harmoney is best for you. And if you always make your repayments on time and in full, the only fee you’ll have to pay is the Platform Fee.

Read more about our interest rates and fees.

What is marketplace lending?

Marketplace lending is changing the way the world borrows money, and Harmoney is the biggest marketplace lending company in Australasia.

Our marketplace connects Borrowers looking for personal loans with Investors who are willing to invest in these loans. With a 100% online application and 95% of loans being funded within 24 hours, Harmoney is the simpler way to get a car loan.

Read more about Marketplace Lending.

What is Harmoney?

Harmoney started life as New Zealand’s first licensed marketplace lending website. We quickly became the largest and fastest growing lending marketplace in Australasia, and now we’ve branched out to offer our services in Australia too, meaning people on both sides of the Tasman can borrow money through this exciting, simple service.

Learn more about Harmoney on YouTube, or read more about our team and company story.

Still have questions?

*The Legal Stuff

Comparison rate is based on an unsecured personal loan of $30,000 over 5 years. WARNING: The comparison rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs, fees, government charges like stamp duty, and cost savings are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan. Subject to approval. Credit criteria, fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Harmoney's interest rates are offered based on the individual borrower's credit assessment according to Harmoney's credit scorecard. To apply for a personal loan through Harmoney, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen aged 18 years or older with a valid Australian driver licence or valid Australian or New Zealand passport or an overseas passport with a valid visa. You must have an acceptable credit record, as determined by Harmoney at its discretion.