How it works

Harmoney is Australia's newest Marketplace Lending platform. Our personal loan marketplace matches Aussies who want to Borrow with those who want to fund that loan, giving everyone a fair deal.

End result? Everyone's happy.

Marketplace Lending is a revolution

Peer to peer lending matches people who want to invest with people who want to borrow. It's an efficient model that allows Investors to lend money to Borrowers without the need for a traditional Financial intermediary, giving everyone a better deal.

How does Harmoney work?

Step 1: Apply

Borrowers complete the quick and straightforward loan application process.

Step 2: Assess

Harmoney assesses the suitability of each borrower and assigns an interest rate based on their individual circumstances.

Step 3: Invest

Investors select loans to invest in, spreading their funds across hundreds or even thousands of loans.

Step 4: Repay

Borrowers pay monthly fixed payments, and investors earn monthly returns.

Marketplace Lending

peer to peer 02

Giving Borrowers a fair deal

  • Fair interest rates
  • Fast application and approval
  • Approval, without the disapproving attitude
  • Flexibility, convenience and less paperwork
  • No hidden fees

Giving Investors better returns

  • Forecasted 11% risk-adjusted rate of return
  • Proven profitability & reliability of customer credit
  • Managed risk
  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • Licensed and regulated