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Making a modern classic

Posted 15 March 2021. Categories: Borrower stories.

Pete likes to keep an eye on his credit score - mostly out of curiosity, but also because he and partner Debbie pride themselves on being in control of that part of their lives, “I was always up in the scores so that feels pretty good.” It was while popping onto CreditSavvy to check his credit score that Pete spotted a Harmoney ad and thought the timing could be right to do something especially nice for Debbie after a few tough years.

Being smart about debt

By Greg Elisara. Posted 22 January 2021. Categories: Borrower stories.

It’s fair to say most people have been affected by Covid in one way or another. Many of the things we took for granted have started to take on new significance - our ability to travel, our connection with family and friends. The way we work, learn and play have all seemed to have changed. For Harmoney customer, Wasim Umar, it was also an opportunity to look at how he was managing his finances.

Creating a Home Office

By Ethan Elisara. Posted 9 October 2020.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has already changed many of the ways that we approach doing things as normal. One of the biggest shifts is the large number of people that have begun to work remotely and is one change that...