Making a modern classic

Making a modern classic

Posted 15 March 2021. Categories: Borrower stories.

Pete and Debbie had been doing renos to their house off-and-on over the years, but it was time to turn their attention to the kitchen. “The house itself is about 25 years old - built in the ‘90s - so the kitchen was a bit daggy. Everything was kind of green, 90s sort of colours. I was just wanting to modernise it without spending squillions. Being pretty handy on the tools, Pete was able to do a lot of the labour himself while getting qualified tradies in for the plumbing and electrical.

Meanwhile, the outside of the house was still in pretty good shape but Pete felt it could do with some sprucing up. Like the kitchen, the 90s colours didn’t seem right now, especially for a colonial-style house with wrap-around verandahs. “We repainted it in grey with white trim and white posts. We rejuvenated the deck - it had never had any sort of attention so needed a bit of maintenance, so we stained them all.”

peter falknau kitchen before after 769x514

Not that Pete did all the paint work, he says - Debbie often chipped in. “She enjoyed it” he says, “it was good therapy for her - picking up a paint brush and having a crack, so good on her”. Trying to keep active after treatment for her most recent battle with cancer has been a useful distraction. “I keep saying she’s a cat with nine lives”, says Pete, “every time it comes back she recovers, and keeps soldiering on. I wish I had half of her strength”.

As work has progressed people have started to take notice, with the odd “Gees, that’s made a difference, Pete”. Overall, Pete’s pleased with the way it’s turned out, “It looks like a totally different house”.

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