4 tips for virtual or semi-virtual weddings

4 tips for virtual or semi-virtual weddings

Planning a wedding during this uncertain time? Learn some virtual wedding tips.

Posted 9 October 2020. Categories: Personal Finance.

With the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19 in Australia, planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Especially if you are adding a virtual component. If you are deciding to have any part of your big day online here are some helpful tips to get you started. 

Check time zones

If you are planning to have people from all over the world joining the live stream many may need to attend at odd hours. It may be worth it to compare time zones and pick a time that is comfortable for all parties involved. Or, you can always record the stream and allow international guests to access it at their leisure following the live ceremony. Here is a handy chart to get you started.

Invest in good technology

The last thing you need on the big day is worrying about your technology acting up. A lightning-fast internet connection can make everything run smoothly and make the virtual experience much better for everyone steaming from home. It is best to check this at the venue beforehand to ensure that you don’t need to bring in some bandwidth backup. Investing in quality sound equipment is another way to optimize the virtual wedding experience.

Work with your wedding vendors

If you are doing a wedding with a virtual component you can still work with your scheduled vendors. Talk about keeping the photographer, getting the florist to do a custom background for the stream, or incorporating the DJ virtually.

A virtual wedding dress code

In normal circumstances, guests would dress according to the theme or request of the couple. That should still hold true for the wedding, even if it is online. Have your guests still dress to the nines and both you and them will feel that it is a special occasion.

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