Moving forward in life

Moving forward in life

Posted 2 September 2019. Categories: Borrower stories.

What happens when you’re studying and expecting a new baby all at the same time? You play close attention to your finances so the one thing you don’t have to worry about is money.

Photo of Imran Khalid

For Imran Khalid, pictured, who is currently studying to be a CPA (Cerified Public Accountant) that meant taking out a personal loan with Harmoney.

It meant he could take time out to help with the new baby, while also studying for his exam and taking care of his wife and their two other children.

“The loan helped us in a massive way. I was working at the time, but as a casual, which meant I wouldn’t get paid for any paternity leave, or time off to study,” he says.

“When you’re having a new baby, there’s a lot of uncertainty and expense. Taking the loan meant having one less thing to worry about. It meant we could keep moving forward with our life, rather than putting things like family or education on hold.”

Imran says he found dealing with Harmoney, simple, fast and extremely professional. “They communicated with me constantly so I always knew what stage my application was at. It was all just really easy.

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