Keeping a roof overhead

Keeping a roof overhead

Posted 15 August 2019. Categories: Borrower stories.

“Harmoney may not have helped us build our house but they certainly helped us to not lose it!” 

When Marina Caretti and her partner realised they needed a bigger house to accommodate their blended family, they faced a few hurdles.

They needed to stay in their local area in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide because their teenage children were in good schools. But demand for those schools also kept house prices in their area just out of the family’s budget.

“My partner and I are both in our mid-40s and had been renting after divorces. It wasn’t something we were excited to keep doing,” Marina says.

Luckily the couple found a home and land package they could just afford in the right school zone, and set about building a new family home. But their road had a few more unforeseen bumps to overcome.

Council requirements meant the couple had to shell more than $50,000 in unexpected groundworks and a retaining wall. Having exhausted their savings on the property deposit, Marina and her partner were forced to use their four credit cards to cover the additional cost. They hoped the value of the finished house would help them absorb the extra cost, but when it did not they were left covering huge credit card bills just as fate dealt them another blow.

“At the same time I lost my well-paid job due to a work related injury, so our income dropped significantly. It was a real struggle to keep up repaying at least the minimum payments on the credit cards.

“Then Harmoney popped up on my Google search for refinancing options.”

Marina says banks weren’t interested in the fact that consolidating debt through a loan would mean the couple would actually be spending less each month on their debt. 

“The Harmoney experience was nice, easy, transparent, professional and most importantly decided on merits not ‘invisible’ credit policies.

“And their customer service is friendly, understanding and respectful.”

Helping people achieve their goals is important to Harmoney. Making the whole process of obtaining a personal loan quick and easy is our way of helping.

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