The Harmoney Manifesto

Our manifesto is a declaration of our views, motives, and intentions. It explains why we care and what we do and why it matters. We’re in business to help create brighter futures.

We’re in business to help create brighter futures.

At Harmoney, we believe life is full of opportunities but that limited access to money can prevent people embracing them. Our bank balances don’t always stay in step with life’s ups and downs, despite our best efforts and careful planning.

It’s why Harmoney believes providing access to responsible lending is crucial in helping people embrace the opportunities that life presents; to seize the moment rather than wondering about what-ifs.

It could be a chance trip of a lifetime, or focusing on your health and wellbeing. Or a house extension to welcome home your newest family member. Or simplifying your finances. Even smaller things - like getting some cash to fix the car, or helping out a family member - can mean a lot. The point is: there are a multitude of ways that access to money at the right time can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

And when life throws out the unexpected financial curve-ball, we provide an important circuit-breaker, giving a way for people to stay on track so they can keep moving forward.

Our values

Our values are the foundation for how we operate as a team and how we treat our customers and the community. Even though we rely heavily on our technology to help us do the hard stuff and data science to help us make decisions, upholding the dignity of people is paramount at Harmoney.

  • Empathy
  • Pioneering
  • Impact
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

Customer experience

We use three key customer experience pillars to guide us in our journey to creating brighter futures through responsible lending.

Fair, risk-based interest rates: we believe it’s fair to offer low rates to low risk borrowers and higher rates for higher risk borrowers. We also believe people who are higher risk borrowers can become lower risk borrowers over time by improving the way they manage their debts.

Anywhere, any time convenience: we’re 100% online and available 24/7 so people are able to arrange a loan when, and from wherever, they need to.

Ease-of-use: we reduce the effort and burden of applying for a loan because there’s better things customers could be doing with their time and energy.

How we do things

Our passion for transforming the borrower experience means we’ve always approached things differently. In the early days, that passion led to peer-to-peer lending, where we were the first company to receive a peer-to-peer lending license in New Zealand. It was a great start to our journey of transforming borrowing — but just a start. There’s much more we want to do.

For people whose only experience in personal finance is dealing with banks and finance companies, Harmoney’s differences can be big. For example, at Harmoney we don’t let people assess who is credit worthy. Instead, technology, science and mountains of data are used to make better decisions, faster.

This approach is different, but we think it’s fairer and more reliable, removing possible misinterpretation and unconscious bias from decision making. It also means we’re constantly learning — getting better and better in a world that is ever-changing.

At Harmoney, we believe using machines to do the things they are good at makes sense. Our people focus on the things that they are good at: researching, designing and building better customer experiences. Our culture reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and growth so we can all be the best humans we can be, creating brighter futures for all of us.