Do Not Mail

At Harmoney, we respect the privacy of all our customers and potential customers. If you don't wish to receive further mail from Harmoney, complete the form below. 

Alternatively, you can add your name to the Australian Marketing Association's Do Not Mail list. Visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get my details?

Harmoney is a relatively new entrant in the personal finance market so we work with external businesses to identify potential candidates for our personal loan and investment opportunities. These businesses utilise publicly available databases.

Which business provided you with my details?

We utilise multiple suppliers, even for the same letter distribution. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to say for sure which supplier your details were sourced from.

How can I get my details removed permanently?

If you wish to have your name removed from all unsolicited mailing lists in Australia, you can add your name to the Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail register. Visit their website.

Do you keep a copy of my details?

No. Harmoney goes to great lengths to protect your privacy. At no point are we supplied any details of the people our direct-mail marketing is sent to. The only time we are aware of anyone’s details is when they initiate contact with us directly.

What about the people who print the letters?

No. Our suppliers send a database file to a mail house provider, who is tasked with printing the names and addresses from the database onto our letters and posting them for us. After printing, the mail house destroys the database.