Verifying Your Identity

Got questions about verifying your ID? If you're stuck on the identitiy verification section of your loan application, here's some tips and FAQs.

Verifying your identity protects you and your investors

We verify the identity of everyone who comes through the platform, borrowers and investors alike. It's a critical step in ensuring that Harmoney is safe for everyone, protecting you and others from identity theft.

How do we verify your identity? We require all customers to provide a photographic government issued piece of identification. This is usually a drivers licence or passport. Sometimes we will also ask for a recent photo of you - either uploaded or take in the application on your webcam - with the photo on your passport or driver licence, and use facial recognition technology to confirm that they're the same person.

Three ways to verify your identity

borrow icon webcam


Get your ID verified in seconds using NetVerify. Just use your webcam to take a photo of you and your ID.

borrow icon upload


Don't have a webcam? You can still use Netverify by uploading a recent photo of yourself, and a photo of your ID.

borrow icon email


Email two photos - one recent photo of you, and one of your ID - to

ID Verification FAQs

Why do you need to verify my ID?

Verifying your identity is a crucial service that we provide to both you and those who may invest in your loan. We don't think you'd like it if someone was pretending to be you, so we take this step helps protect you from identity theft and keeps Harmoney safe for all users.

What forms of ID does Harmoney accept?

We require all borrowers and co-borrowers to provide the details of either a valid Australian drivers licence or a valid Australian passport. Unfortunately, we do not accept 18+ cards, or international driver licences or passports.

What is Netverify and how does it work?

Netverify is a secure service that Harmoney uses in the application to verify your identity. Using either your webcam or photos that you upload, Netverify uses facial recognition technology to compare the recent photo of you with the one on your driver licence or passport, and ensures they match. It's a quick and simple process that will have you verified in seconds.

What if I don't have a webcam?

Don't worry - you can still use Netverify by uploading photos from your computer - all you need is a photo or scan of your ID and a recent photo of you. If you're uploading a photo of yourself, please use one of just you, without any other people in the photo.

What if I don't have a camera or a scanner?

ID verification is a requirement to proceed with your application, so if you don't personally have a camera or a scanner, you'll need to borrow one of a friend or family member or head somewhere that you can access a scanner - like your local library. 

Can I email my ID documents?

Yes you can - just send us two photos - one of you and one of your ID - to

Can I post my documents?

We strongly encourage you not to post your documents to us, as doing so will slow your application down significantly. If you're having difficulty with doing the process online, give our team a call on 1300 042 766 and we'll be happy to help.

Got other questions?

Flick us an email at or give our friendly team a call on 1300 042 766.