Got questions about verifying your finances?

If you're stuck with submitting your bank statements, you've come to the right place. Here's some tips and FAQs.

Verifying your finances protects you and your investors

Verifying your finances is a critical step in providing the best service possible to borrowers and investors. It ensures that we assess your application as accurately as possible, allowing us to provide affordable loan offers tailored to you.

How do we verify your finances? We ask you to provide three months worth of bank statements, either as PDFs downloaded from your internet banking account or scans of mailed statements. Our team will review these to ensure everything lines up and that any loan offers we make are affordable for you. 

Three ways to verify your finances

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The fastest way

Get your finances verified almost instantly in your application by using Credit Sense.

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Manual upload

Upload your bank statements manually within your application and you'll have them verified by our team within 24 hours.

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Email your downloaded or scanned bank statements in PDF format through to

Financial verification FAQs

Why do I need to provide bank statements?

Verifying your finances is a crucial service that we provide to both you and those who may invest in your loan, ensuring that we assess your application as accurately as possible. We use your bank statements to make sure that we have an accurate understanding of your current financial situation, and that any loan offers we give you are affordable.

What format do I need to provide my statements in?

For security reasons we require you to submit your bank statements in PDF format. You should be able to download a PDF statement from your online banking account through your Document Centre or your Settings. Your bank should have specific instructions on their website.

How many months worth of bank statements do I need to provide?

We require you to provide three months worth of statements. This helps us gather a full picture of your regular finances and allows us to account for any seasonal spikes - such as Christmas or Holiday spending.

How can I submit my bank statements?

You can submit your bank statements in your loan application by manually uploading the documents or emailing your statements to We strongly advise against posting your bank statements to us as it will slow down your application significantly.

I have multiple bank accounts, do you need the statements for all of them?

It depends on how you use the accounts. What we need to see is a record of your regular income and expenses - we don't need to see transcripts from your savings accounts. If, as an example, you and partner make a joint application but do not share a bank account, submitting both of your bank statements may be to your benefit.

Got other questions?

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