Application FAQs

Application FAQs

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My address does not show up. What should I do?

The address field can sometimes be tricky and rural/new addresses might not be found by our system or may appear incorrectly.

If you do experience difficulty, you can enter your address manually.

  1. Start to enter your address

  2. Scroll the results, until you reach the bottom of the list

  3. Click "Address not listed? Show more"

  4. Scroll the results, until you reach the bottom of the list

  5. Click "Address not found? Use manual entry"

  6. Enter your address manually

In addition, please provide proof of address by uploading a copy of a utility bill or bank statement. You can send this through to or or attach it into our live chat window.

Please note:

  • we only accept addresses that can receive mail delivery; and

  • we do not accept PO Boxes.

What forms of ID do you accept?

In New Zealand, we accept valid and current:

  1. NZ driver licence

  2. NZ passport

In Australia, we accept valid and current:

  1. Australian Drivers License

  2. Australian Passport

We do not accept visas, 18+ cards or any other forms of identification.

Why do you need to verify my identity?

Like all financial institutions, Harmoney is required by law to identify its customers. Harmoney verifies your identity and address to comply with the law and to ensure that no one is attempting to borrow money under your name without your permission.

Verifying your identity:

  • helps keep you secure;

  • builds stronger protection for everyone that uses Harmoney services; and

  • ensures we are compliant with the law.

My ID has failed to upload or cannot be verified. What should I do?

Please check that your ID is current and is not suspended or expired.

If your ID is valid, upload a copy of your driver licence or passport and email it to or attach it into our live chat window.

Make sure the copy is

  • clear;

  • in colour; and

  • includes both front and back (licence only).

Once we receive this information, we should be able to progress you along.

What is automated bank transaction retrieval and what is it for?

We use an automated process to retrieve and analyse your bank transactions, so you can benefit from a speedy online experience.

This uses the same encryption and security as banks to ensure your details are safe at all times. It works seamlessly with all the major banks and financial institutions in New Zealand and Australia, so you can share your financial details with us with no hassle.

The process takes only a few minutes and helps us ensure your interest rate and loan amount personalised to you.

How do I know this service is secure?

Our bank grade technology means your bank user ID and password are instantly encrypted making them unusable by any unauthorised person.

I am self employed - what documentation do I need to provide?

If you are self-employed we will require both your personal and business accounts from the last 3 months. We also need a personal tax return and profit and loss statement from the last financial year.

Attach the documents into our live chat window.

Or you can send this through to;

Why should I let you retrieve my bank transaction data?

Because the process is simple, fast and secure.

With a clear and current understanding of your finances we can offer you a loan amount and an interest rate that are personalised to your circumstances — in minutes rather than days.

Doing this via a secure online process means you don’t have to spend time finding and uploading up-to-date bank information, plus we can automatically verify the information we need rather than having to manually verify documents you provide to us.

Learn more about bank transaction retrieval

Can I add more than one bank account?

If you receive income in separate accounts, you should add each one.

If you are on the 'Let's take a look at your finances' screen, click “Yes, add another bank”.

If you are on the 'Verify your income' screen, click “Add another bank” link as seen below.

Can I change my answers once I’ve filled in the form?

Once you're done, you won’t be able to go back to change your answers. If you need to correct some information after you’ve finished, you will need to withdraw and start again.

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